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International reply coupon, Finland

With an International Reply Coupon (IRC), you can pay for reply-postage. An IRC purchased in Åland will be redeemed at a post office anywhere in the world and exchanged for stamps corresponding to the postage fee for a priority letter of the lowest weight category.

When you buy an IRC in our webshop, it will be shipped to you cancelled with the “Mariehamn – post terminal” date cancel. Should you wish to receive the IRC in mint condition, please let us know via the “special requests for this order” field which appears in your trolley. The lack of a cancellation does not affect the validity of the coupon.

If you present an IRC for redemption in Åland, it will be exchanged for stamps to the value of the lowest tariff for letters to the country of destination (currently Åland €2.80, Finland €2.90, Europe €3.20, and international €3.40). The International Reply Coupon has been approved by the Universal Postal Union (UPU), and the period of validity is printed on the coupon

The sender of a letter can pay for the reply-postage by enclosing an international reply coupon. When you enclose an IRC with your letter, the addressee can use it to pay for a stamp in his or her country.

Please note that one coupon entitles to one stamp; consequently, a reply letter exceeding the minimum weight class may require multiple coupons.

Terms of delivery

Issue date
If your order includes products that have not yet been released, we will ship your order in full after the release date.

Delivery method
We ship all deliveries by Åland Post either as letters or parcels.

Delivery time varies from 2 weeks to 6-8 weeks depending on recipient country and delivery method. Please note that the processing time after we receive your order is not included in the estimated times of delivery.

Economy shipping: +4 €
Priority shipping: +7€
Registered shipping: +15 €

Please note that your shipment from Åland may be subject to VAT and import duties depending on the rules of your country. For more information, contact the customs office in your country.

VAT is included in deliveries to Åland, Finland and Norway.

All prices are listed excluding VAT.


Read more about our delivery terms and conditions here

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