Here, you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our service.

Stamps and collectibles

Are Åland stamps with the denomination in Finnish marks (mk/FIM) still valid as postage?

No. Stamps without a currency indicator, i.e. stamps with the denomination in Finnish mark, are no longer valid as postage. Åland stamps currently valid as postage are:

- Stamps with dual currency indicator, i.e. mk and €
- Stamps with the currency indicator €
- Stamps denominated 1 klass (1st cl), 2 klass (2nd cl) and Julpost (Christmas postage)
- Stamps denominated Lokalpost (local), Inrikes (domestic), Europa and Världen (worldwide).

What do the terms Lokalpost, Inrikes, Europa, Världen and Julpost signify?

Most stamps have a monetary value printed on them. Non-denominated stamps are designated Lokalpost, Inrikes, Europa, Världen or Julpost. The value of a non-demoninated stamp is determined by the currently valid postage tariffs.

This means that the value of non-denominated stamps increases when postage tariffs increase. The terms equal a pre-set postage value as follows:

Lokalpost (local mail): priority mail within Åland, max. weight 50 gram.

Inrikes (domestic):
priority mail to Finland, max. weight 50 gram.

Europa (Europe):
Priority mail to the Nordic countries and Europe, max. weight 20 gram.

Världen (world): Priority mail to international destinations, max. weight 20 gram.

Julpost (Christmas postage): Christmas greetings to destinations in Åland and Finland, max. weight 20 gram, at a reduced rate during a limited period of time in November and December. The stamps may be used as postage the entire year. The postage value of the stamp is based on the most recent Christmas postage tariff.

Can I order cancellations from other post offices than Mariehamn for my self-addressed covers?

Yes, you can. We cancel your self-addressed and pre-franked covers as well as individual stamps to order. A handling fee is added to order of multiple post office cancellations.
View price information about cancellation and other philatelic services here.

What’s the difference between a special cancel and an exhibition cancel?

A special cancel is a postal cancel that may be used to cancel a currently valid Åland stamp. An exhibition cancel is an additional cachet used to commemorate an event and is placed beside the postal cancellation on the stamp.

To whom may I send my ideas for new stamp motifs and philatelic items?

Please send your suggestions to the attention of The Stamp Committee at: Åland Post, PO box 1100, AX-22111 MARIEHAMN, ÅLAND. You may also send them to us by e-mail to stamps@alandpost.com

Can Åland items of postal stationery and maximum cards be posted to all countries without adding stamps?

Yes, they can. The postage paid imprint on the address side of the card means that it may be posted from Åland to any destination in the world without additional postage.

Subscriptions and deliveries

How do I change my standing order subscription and the address registered on my customer account?

You can check your current account details via My subscription account; however, you cannot make any subscription changes. For subscription changes, please contact us by e-mail, phone or letter. However, through your online account, you can now change your delivery address.

Note! Due to the change to a new website, your subscription account is no longer linked to the webshop. Therefore, your login details will not work when you place orders in our new webshop.

May I ask Åland Post Stamps not to state the value of contents of every shipment you send to me?

No, that is not possible. Åland Post must abide by the customs regulations, and the value of the contents must appear on each shipment.

Will Åland Post put stamps on my standing order deliveries?

For technical reasons it is not possible.

Will you send my supplementary order together with my next standing order delivery?

Unfortunately, that is not possible. The handling of supplementary orders differs from that of standing order deliveries and it is not possible to combine the two.

Why am I charged for VAT and handling fee for my shipment?

Like the rest of Finland, the province of Åland is part of the EU’s customs territory; however, Åland is not part of the EU’s value-added-tax and excise-duty area. Consequently, Åland is counted as third country in trade with other EU-countries. When dealing with an area that does not belong to the EU’s fiscal territory, you must make customs declarations, and you are therefore liable to pay VAT on goods from Åland. In addition, your post office may charge a processing fee. For more information, you can contact the postal services or customs office in your country.

Note that on 1 July 2021, VAT rules for e-ecommerce to the EU from third countries changed. All goods, regardless of value, must be cleared through customs.

For deliveries to Finland , Åland Post today automatically collects VAT in accordance with current tax regulations. Åland Post also collects VAT on all deliveries to Norway, regardless of value, when applicable in accordance with current rules.

The customs authorities in many countries apply a minimum value for low value shipments, for which they do not collect VAT.

All our product prices are always stated free of VAT.

Payments and returns

Can I order against invoice in the webshop?

The option to order against invoice has ended due to a change in the Consumer Protection Act in Finland on 1 October 2023.

You can use the following payment methods for orders placed in our webshop: credit cards VISA or MasterCard or internet banking if you have a Finnish bank.

May I keep a lump sum balance in my customer account for coming deliveries? How do I make payments to my account?

Yes, you can keep a positive balance in your customer account for pending or future deliveries.

Bank transfer - We recommend customers in Åland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway to make bank transfers to our account in the respective country. Ask your bank about SEPA transfers. When making the transfer, please observe the following: Customers in Sweden, Denmark and Norway must state the reference number of your latest invoice (OCR no., KID-no.) Customers in Germany and other European countries must state the customer number. We recommend all our European customers to make SEPA bank transfers to our international bank account with OP Corporate Bank in Finland.

Account numbers: 

Finland, OP Corporate Bank PLC, Box 308, FI-00101 Helsinki
IBAN: FI08 5578 0420 057227, BIC: OKOYFIHH
Sweden 8901-1893.211.308-9
Denmark DK0950100001261761, JYBADKKK
Norway NO0416442087400, DNBANOKK

Credit/debit card - Credit/debit card payments can be performed online using the safe and encrypted link, easily accessed directly from our home page. Observe that Åland Post Stamps does not have access to your card details. We will also charge your VISA or MasterCard manually; inform us of your details by phone or letter. Note that we never keep your card details on file.

Can I pay by PayPal?

No, we do not accept payments by PayPal. You can make online payments by VISA, MasterCard and Maestro or make payments by bank transfer.

I have made a payment to my philatelic account and wonder why it is not reflected in my invoice?

We register payments as soon as we receive the account statements from our banks abroad. If you have made a payment after the invoice date, the payment does not show. If your payment is still not reflected on the following invoice, please get in touch with us. Remember to always state your customer account number or reference number when making a payment or transfer.

I have just received a damaged shipment. What do I do now?

Claims must be made immediately after you have discovered that the item was incorrect or defective. You make a complaint about any errors and defects by contacting us at the e-mail address stamps@alandpost.com or phone number +358 (0)18 636641. The products must be returned well packaged and in the original packaging with an attached description of the error. Remember to include your name, e-mail address  with your return.

For how long can I make a complaint about a shipment?

Claims must be made immediately after you have discovered that the item was incorrect or defective. Contact Åland Post Stamps by e-mail stamps@alandpost.com or phone number +358 (0)18 636641. The products must be returned well packaged and in the original packaging with an attached description of the error. Please include your name, e-mail address and order number with your return.

I’m not satisfied with the stamps/products I have recently received. Can I return them to you for exchange?

As a customer, you have the right to cancel your order within 14 days. The withdrawal period expires after fourteen days from the day you have received the products. Please contact Åland Post  Stamps customer service by e-mail, stamps@alandpost.com, or telephone +358 (0)18 636641.  The products must be returned no later than 14 days after you have made your notice of withdrawal. Returned goods must be in unaltered condition and in their original packaging, if any. Please contact if you have any questions regarding a return.