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Åland Post Stamps offers a variety of cancellations. You can currently have any of five pictorial cancels and 17 post office date cancels applied to postage stamps on your personal items of mail. In addition to these cancellations, you will find an overview of this year’s first day cancels, special cancels, and exhibition cancels to collect. You can visit an event to obtain the cancel of the day, subscribe to or order the cancellation from Åland Post Stamps. Find information on how to order cancellations at the bottom of the page.

Post office cancellations (17 different date cancels)

Every post office and postal agent have their own date cancel with place name. You can choose the following locations: Jomala, Hammarland, Godby, Geta, Föglö, Enklinge, Eckerö, Brändö, Sottunga, Mariehamn, Mariehamn Post Terminal, Lumparland, Lemland, Lappo, Kökar, Kumlinge and Vårdö.



Pictorial cancels

Available from Åland are also a number of official cancels for special locations, so-called pictorial cancels. The pictorial cancel may be applied to any currently valid Åland postage stamp.

Choose any of the following locations:

Eckerö Post and Customs House, Kastelholm Castle, Hammarland Märket/Lighthouse (in use all year). Mariehamn Camping (in use 2 May – 31 August) and Christmas (in use approx. 20 Nov. – 31 Dec.).
Only valid in 2024: Åland Cultural History Museum (in use 18 May – 15 Sep. 2024).


First day cancels 2024

For each new stamp issue, we issue a first day cancel, which is in use only on the day of the stamp issue. The first day cancel is applied only to the stamp for which it is designed and is free of charge.


Special cancellations 2024

Every year, Åland Post highlights a number of local and postal events with a special cachet. A special cancel is valid only on the day of the event. A special cancel is a postal cancellation which may be applied to any currently valid Åland postage stamp. The special cancellation is free of charge.

1.2. Metamorphosis

8.5. Underwaterflora & fauna

15.6. Postal boat race 50 years

24.7. The Tall Ships Races

9.10. Universal Postal Union 150 years

23.10. Snake

Changes are possible. 


Exhibition cancel 2024

Åland Post occasionally produces exhibition cancels for the fairs and exhibitions visited during the year. The motifs are usually found at the fair locations. An exhibition cancel is a so-called commemorative cancel. Stamps cancelled with an exhibition cancel are not valid in the mail circulation. The exhibition cancel is free of charges.

Åland stamps currently valid as postage:
FAQ – Åland Stamps (alandstamps.com)

If you wish to subscribe to first day covers with first day cancels, special cancellation packs or exhibition cards with exhibition cancels, please contact customer service.

How to order cancellations:

Send your covers and cards to us for cancellation with your instructions and contact details as well as your customer number, if any. If applicable, services will be invoiced and posted to you after treatment has been completed.

Please note! When you send mail item to us for cancellation: please stick a customs label CN22 on your outer cover and write “covers for cancellation”, and you will facilitate and speed up our customs clearance process.

If you enclose a pre-franked and self-addressed envelope for the return of your cancelled stamps/items, the delivery fee is waived.

Address: Åland Post Stamps, PO box 1100, AX-22111 Mariehamn, Åland, Finland

Questions? Please contact us: stamps@alandpost.com  

Price list:

Service Price
Cancellation of self-addressed and pre-franked letters and cards *Note!

No charges for up to 2 different post office/pictorial cancels per submission*. For subsequent cancellations we charge €2.40/type of cancel/post office

Cancellation of individual mint stamps with Mariehamn or Mariehamn-Post Terminal date cancel 

€0.10/stamp + delivery fee.


Cancellation of individual mint stamps with various post office date cancels

€0.10/stamp + €2.40/post office + delivery fee

Affixing of postage to covers/cards


Printing of franking labels of a value less than €1.00


Handwritten addressing of mail items


* Note! We will cancel philatelically up to 30 pre-franked and self-addressed cards and letters submitted in one batch free of charge. You will be charged €0.10/item exceeding 30 mail items/submission.

Order post office and pictorial cancellations Price

Submission of 20 pre-franked covers. Cancellation only.
(during summer/Christmas: 21 covers)

Submission of 20 covers for franking and cancellation

€25 + affixing €0.15/stamp + postage

Order for 20 covers, franking and cancellation €25 + €1.00/cover + postage


Åland Post Stamps reserves the right to change the above conditions.



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