Price list

Please find below an overview and price list for the different types of services that apply as of 1 November 2022 until further notice.

Shipping for single orders

Shipping Economy: Åland, Finland, Nordic and European countries: €4

Shipping Priority: Åland, Nordic, European countries and countries worldwide: €7

Shipping registered: Åland, Finland, Nordic and European countries and other countries worldwide: €15

Shipping for standing order shipments

Customer:  €1.50/shipment

Gold customer: €0.00/shipment

Read more about the Åland Posts customer program

Reminders for unpaid bills

Reminder fee: €5

Cancellations and other philatelic services

Cancellation of self-addressed and pre-franked letters and cards *

*Note! We will cancel philatelically up to 30 pre-franked and self-addressed cards and letters submitted in one batch free of charge. You will be charged €0.10/item that exceeds 30 mail items/submission.

No charges for up to 2 different date cancels/submission*. For subsequent cancellations: €2.10/post office

 Cancellation of individual stamps with Mariehamn or Mariehamn-Post terminal date cancel: €0.10/stamp + return postage

Cancellation of individual stamps, different post office cancels: €0.10/stamp + €2.10 €/post office + return postage

 Affixing of postage to covers/cards: €0.15/stamp

Printing of franking labels of a value less than €1.00: €0.10/label

Handwritten addressing of mail items: €1.50/item 

Order all post office and motif cancellations                   

Submission of 20 pre-franked covers. Cancellation only €25

Submission of 20 covers for franking and cancellation : €25 + affixing €0.15/stamp + postage 

Order for 20 covers for franking and cancellation:  €25 + cover á €1.00/cover + postage

Åland Post Stamps reserves the right to change the above conditions.


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