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Close friend -cancelled

Cute animals feature on the 2023 Valentine’s Day stamps from Posti Finland. Artist Hanna-Maria Mainelakeus used acrylic paints and a brush on canvas to paint the stamp originals.

“The small size of stamps brought their own challenges to the design. I limited the detail of the images and paid particular attention to colour differences and contrasts. The pictures of the stamps retain a fine painterly element, which was the goal,” Mainelakeus says.

Hanna-Maria Mainelakeus is an artistic entrepreneur who works on bespoke art, paintings, art fabrics and has her own clothing brand, among other things. She has also produced large, photorealistic murals.

Product information

Date of issue: 18.1.2023
Artist: Hanna-Maria Mainelakeus
Design: Paula Salviander
Denomination: 5 x domestic no-value indicator stamps
Paper: self-adhesive stamp paper
Process: 5/4 offset
Printer: Joh. Enschedé Stamps, Holland
Item no. 610-114622

Sizes and sheets

Stamp size: 40 x 28 mm
Sheet size: 174 x 102 mm, open

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