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National landscapes -mint

The stamps showcase Finnish national landscapes, natural as well as man-made sceneries from Koli (photo: Jani Riekkinen), Kyrönjokivarsi (Aarno Isomäki), Tammerkoski (Juhana Konttinen), Snappertuna-Fagervik (Antero Aaltonen), Saaristomeri (Anne Saarinen), Pallastunturit (Heikki Ketola) and Tapiola (Timo Viitanen).

The stamps are provided with a 2D code that facilitates the mechanical sorting of consignments.

Product information

Date of issue: 9 May 2023
Design: Stiina Hovi
Denomination: 7 x domestic no-value indicator
Paper: self-adhesive stamp paper
Process: 5/4 offset
Printer: Joh. Enschedé Stamps, Netherlands
Article-no. 610-114707

Sizes and sheets

Stamp size: 45 x 25 mm
Roll: 60 × 36 × 62 mm
Roll of 100 stamps

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