Thank you for participating in our stamp quiz!

Tack för deltagande i vårt frimärksquiz!

In the latest edition of our magazine Åland Post Stamps no. 4–2023, you could take part in a quiz and test your knowledge of Åland stamps. A big thank you to all the talented contestants.

The correct answers were as follows:

  1. Which artist has created most Åland stamps? Allan Palmer
  2. Which animal was the first to appear in the stamp series featuring Chinese horoscope signs starting in 2014? Sheep
  3. Which one of these lighthouses has NOT been depicted on an Åland stamp? Flötjan
  4. The stamp issue “Folk dress brooches” was issued in 2015 as a joint issue with which country? Switzerland

The winner of the main prize, the stamp book A story through Åland stamps 2023, was M Kurvinen in Finland. Two consolation prizes were also raffled off, going to winners in Germany and Malaysia. Congratulations to all the winners!

New winning opportunities will appear soon for you who subscribe to the newsletter, so keep your eyes open! 

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