Vote for eelgrass - candidate for the most beautiful Europa stamp of the year

Rösta på ålgräs – kandidat till årets vackraste Europafrimärke

PostEurop’s vote to choose the most beautiful Europa stamp was launched on May 9. This year's theme, underwater flora and fauna, offers a fascinating voyage of discovery beneath the surface. Åland Post and PostEurop invite you to explore the 2024 Europa stamps and vote for your favorite stamp.

The 2024 Europa theme: a voyage beneath the surface

Dive into the captivating underwater world of plants and animals immortalized on stamps by postal services from all over Europe. Each stamp tells the story of the marine environment in Europe, from winding seagrass to shimmering fish.

Åland stamp presents eelgrass

Issued on 8 May, this year's contribution from Åland Post highlights eelgrass (Zostera marina), a key species in the Baltic Sea. Eelgrass meadows are also called both the coral reefs of the Baltic Sea and nursery of the sea. Illustrated by Finnish visual artist Katja Syrjä, the stamp has been issued with foiling, giving the eelgrass extra shine.

Take part in the vote - your vote counts!

Help us highlight the important eelgrass by voting for the Åland Europa stamp. The vote runs until 9 September 2024. The result will be presented in October at PostEurop's general assembly in Belgrade.

Click on the link to view images of all nominated Europa stamps and to cast your vote. You will find the Åland stamp at the top of the list.

Vote for the most beautiful Europa stamp of the year here

Thank you for your vote!

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