New postal stationery cards depicting life on Åland

Nya helsakskort berättar om livet på Åland

On 9 May, Åland Post releases four new postal stationery cards, which include postage. The series entitled ‘Greetings from Åland’ sees illustrator Hannamari Ruohonen sharing all the things she loves about life on Åland.

The four postal stationery cards provide a condensed representation of Åland, based on four different themes: food & crafts, sun & summer, sea & water, and culture & history.

Hannamari Ruohonen explains her concept:

“I thought about visitors who come to Åland and want to know more about life here. At the same time the cards, with the perforated edges, mimicked the stamp shape

– it should taste of stamp glue when you’re on holiday and send off your greetings!”

The maritime card highlights important features when you live surrounded by the sea: lifeboats, lighthouses, buoys, and smooth-running archipelago ferry services. The historical card also ties in with life by the sea, mixed with vibrant cultural traditions and attractions on Åland.

The final two cards focus on typical summer activities like bathing and fishing, as well as showing a selection of craft and food products to be found on Åland.


Sea & water
Culture & history
Food & crafts
Sun & summer

Facts about the issue

Name of issue Greetings from Åland
Date of issue 9 May 2023 Artist Hannamari Ruohonen
Edition 4×2500 Price €3.70/card
Size 118×180 mm
Paper coated 275 g/m²
Process 4-colour offset
Printer Cartor Security Printers
Order the postal stationery cards here, by post to Åland Post Stamps, P.O. box 1100, AX-22111 Mariehamn, Åland, Finland, e-mail or telephone: +358 18 636 639
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