Åland youth workers “Fältarna” was granted Åland Post’s 2022 Christmas seal funds

Fältarna på Åland tilldelas Åland Posts julmärkesmedel 2022

Diplomas and flowers were received by, from left, Emma Segersvärd, Sandra Lindberg, Tony Johansson, and Annika Humell.

Åland Post recently had the immense pleasure of donating over €1,300 from the sale of the 2022 Christmas seals to “Fältarna på Åland”, a team of street workers working with and for young people on Åland within the framework of the municipal social services. The Christmas seal grant will be used to draw attention to and support young people's relationships.


The proceeds from the sale of Åland Post’s Christmas seals are donated to charity every year. The receiver of the 2022 Christmas seal grant is “Fältarna på Åland”, a street-based team working with and for young people on Åland within the framework of the municipal social services (KST).

Present to receive Åland Post's diploma and bouquet of flowers were field workers Annika Humell, Sandra Lindberg, Emma Segersvärd and Tony Johansson.

"We are very happy to receive the grant which we have used to produce a short lanyard which we hope to distribute to the teenagers at the “School's Out” organized at the end of school on 8 June. On the lanyard there is a short message reading “Love and respect - must it be so damn hard” together with our contact details. In this way, we want to draw attention to young people's relationships. It’s not always easy to know what is nice and OK and what is offensive and controlling behaviour,” explains youth worker Annika Humell. 

“The field workers provide guidance and support for the young people. We visit the schools and circulate in the places where they hang out and, also, have individual meetings if they should so wish. We are currently making an effort to become more visible again, recreating contacts that were lost during the pandemic when it wasn’t possible to meet and many young people were stuck at home,” says senior youth worker Sandra Lindberg.

About Christmas seals

Christmas seals are self-adhesive stickers for decorating letters and packages. With the issue of Christmas seals since 1993, Åland Post has financially supported associations and development projects in Åland that benefit the Åland community. Profits from the annual sale are distributed as Christmas seal grants. All public associations and non-profit organizations in Åland can apply for grants from the Christmas seal fund.

The 2023 Christmas seals issued on 20 October 2023 will support the Red Cross Åland District and its activities.

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