Winter-strolling Åland hares on this year’s Chinese zodiac stamp issue

Åländska harar på strövtåg på  årets zodiakutgåva

20 October sees a continuation of the odyssey of the Chinese horoscope animals in an Åland setting. On this ninth miniature sheet in the series, interpreting the Year of the Hare, artist Martin Mörck has illustrated hares in their winter-attire, roaming among modern holiday houses on northern Åland.

Artist Martin Mörck was commissioned to illustrate the zodiac animal in an Åland winter setting. He explains:

“White hare against white snow was the challenge. I thought of Bruno Liljefors and got to work. One of the modern cliff houses was to appear in the background, so, I used the reflections of the sea in the windows. I drew the water a little bluer than it might be at this time of year and a faint winter sun. It worked well as a contrast, and I could also use the blue tone for shadows in the snow. I gathered the hares in a small-talking group down by the reeds. The reeds became the warm element, along with the calligraphy. This time, there were no hidden details to discover, but I am very pleased with the result!”

The mountain hare (Lepus timidus) is the only hare appearing in Åland. In the winter, they often roam among the modern holiday houses in northern Geta. The Havsvidden Resort with a guest harbour, hotel, and restaurant has been aorund for 30 years. In the early 2000s, the resort was expanded with modern cliff villas. Blending into the landscape among the red granite cliffs, the 40 cliff houses are equipped with 1–3 bedrooms, sauna, large terraces, and panoramic windows with sweeping views of the sea.

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