Jubilee issue is Åland’s most beautiful stamp in 2022

Jubileumsutgåva framröstad till Ålands vackraste frimärke 2022

In Åland Post Stamps’ annual online vote for the most beautiful Åland stamp, collectors from all parts of the world have chosen Åland Autonomy 100 years as winner of the 2022 title. Åland Post congratulated artist Jonas Wilén with a diploma and a flower bouquet.

”This was a pleasant surprise. It’s my first win and to win with this jubilee stamp is especially gratifying. The commission was an honour”, says Jonas.

The miniature sheet Åland Autonomy 100 years celebrates the Åland autonomy centenary and was issued on the 9 June 2022. The Åland visual artist Jonas Wilén has illustrated the miniature sheet, which he describes as “Åland in a nutshell”. He gives his version of today’s life in Åland, where old ways and modern life mix.


The miniature sheet is Jonas Wilén’s 13th stamp issue for Åland Post. It’s the first time one of his designs wins the vote for most beautiful Åland stamp.

Stamp artist Jonas Wilén was congratulated on winning the title of most beautiful 2022 stamp with flowers and a diploma in his studio in the Maritime Quarter in Mariehamn.

Have a look also at the stamp film, in which Jonas Wilén speaks about his work with the issue Åland autonomy 100 years.



The Christmas stamps with gnomes succeeded in securing second place

The stamps were issued on 20 October 2022 and the illustrations were made by Finnish illustrator Sami Saramäki. 


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Miniature sheet Hare took third place

Artist Martin Mörck has illustrated the issue, which was released on 20 October 2022. The miniature sheet is the ninth edition in the Åland Post’s stamp series with Chinese zodiac signs with an Åland twist.


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We thank everyone who took part in the vote. We have drawn lots for some collector’s prizes that have been posted to winners in Åland, Finland, Canada, and the USA.

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