Åland Post 2024 postage stamp issuing program

Åland Posts frimärksprogram 2024

Åland Post is pleased to present the 2024 issuing program of Åland stamps that will be released on seven occasions between February and October.

“Each stamp carries a story about Åland. In 2024, we are looking forward to the 40th anniversary of Åland stamps, which we celebrate with an anniversary edition. Among the other stamps created by our amazing artists, you will find delightful nature experiences, living cultural landscapes, and maritime motifs. Next year is also an Olympic year, which we have chosen to highlight by celebrating one of Åland's first Olympians, track and field athlete Frej Liewendahl, who participated in the Olympics in Paris 100 years ago," says Eivor Granberg, business area manager for Stamps & Postal Services.

1 February 2024

The stamp year begins with a new series of self-adhesive franking labels on the theme metamorphosis. Finnish illustrator Sofia Pusa made her debut as stamp artist with Åland Post’s 2023 Europa stamp on a peace theme. She now illustrates her first postage labels that capture the life cycle of the butterflies small tortoiseshell (Aglais urticae), large white (Pieris brassicae), green hairstreak (Callophrys rubi), and silver-washed fritillary (Argynnis paphia).

The same day sees the start of a new three-year stamp series featuring boathouses, a unique type of building that is commonly found in the Åland coastal environment. One stamp shows Greggkil’s boathouse, a traditional boathouse in Finnö on Kökar, while the other stamp presents hibernating boathouses by Västerängaviken bay in Lemland. Åland photographer Kjell Söderlund shot the images.

1 March 2024

Ever since the first Åland stamps were issued in 1984, they have been popular collectors' items for stamp enthusiasts worldwide. On 1 March, we celebrate the 40th anniversary with a playful and slightly surreal miniature sheet on the theme of communication without borders, where history and tradition meet future and innovation. The jubilee edition is created by Swedish-Bulgarian illustrator Tzenko Stoyanov, who thus makes his debut as a stamp artist.

Appearing on the same day is a stamp highlighting maritime education in Åland, which celebrates several anniversaries in 2024. It will be 170 years since Åland public educator and vicar of Finström Frans Petter von Knorring, was able to introduce navigational education into the elementary school curriculum in 1854. The first proper nautical school that trained helmsmen, and sea captains was founded in Mariehamn in 1874 and, thus, celebrates its 150th anniversary in 2024. Swedish illustrator Rebecca Elfast’s stamp design issue is a tribute to the people of the sea and its maritime tradition.

8 May 2024

The theme chosen for this year’s Sepac stamp series issued by the small European postal administrations is main tourist attractions. The Åland stamp highlights the archipelago, a unique island world that attracts thousands of tourists to Åland every year. Artist Anette Gustafsson has captured a summer view of the archipelago scenery in watercolour.

On the same day, we also release this year’s Europa stamp on the theme underwater flora & fauna. Visual artist Katja Syrjä makes her debut as a stamp artist for Åland Post with a stamp illustrating eelgrass (Zostera marina). Katja has created the motif by etching on copper sheet. Most of Finland's eelgrass beds are found in the waters around Åland and are also known as the “coral reefs of the Baltic Sea”. Eelgrass is an important key species in the Baltic Sea and serves as a nursery for many other species.  

7 June 2024

The summer season starts with the release of this year’s stamp booklet highlighting jewellery art from Åland. Photographer Tiina Tahvanainen shot the photos for this issue. The embossed and silver foiled stamps show four pieces of handmade jewellery from Maria Karlström and Annika Åkerfelt, two prominent jewellery artists from Åland. Goldsmith Maria Karlström's flower pendant Blomman™ is an Åland jewellery icon, and the ring Eva, inspired by potatoes, was chosen as Finland's most beautiful ring in 2022. Precious metalsmith Annika Åkerfelt makes jewellery for ordinary people as well as royalty, and her work is also represented at the National Museum in Stockholm. The stamps show a brooch and earrings, inspired by nature, and filtered through Annika's design language into unique pieces of jewellery.

A new series of postal stationery cards on the theme yearning will also be launched on this day. The four card motifs were created by illustrator Lasse Harkkala, who in his watercolour paintings has interpreted various forms of longing.

24 July 2024

The international sailing ship competition The Tall Ships Races returns to Mariehamn on 24 July, and a stamp designed by popular artist and skipper Allan Palmer celebrates the event. The stamp motif highlights the fellowship and training that young people receive aboard a traditional sailing ship, which is also the focus of the sailing competition.

The second issue of the day celebrates a centenary in the Olympic sports history of Åland. Track and field athlete Frej Liewendahl (1902–1966) of Mariehamn was one of the first Olympians from Åland competing on the Finnish national team at the 1924 Olympic Games in Paris. He participated in the 1500-meter race among other races. With this issue, illustrator Ezgi Johansson makes her debut as a stamp artist.

9 September 2024

This year too, Åland Post has given an artist free rein to interpret a stamp motif that will be issued on 9 September. The assignment went to artist Carolina Sundelin, who named her edition on the islet. Carolina was inspired by the floral splendour that can be found on the rocky islands and skerries around Åland including, among other plants, chives, which she describes as "the lavender of the Nordics". 

23 October 2024

The last stamp issues of the year include part eleven and the penultimate part of our stamp series illustrating Chinese horoscope animals with an Åland twist. In time for the Year of the snake, artist Martin Mörck has dived into the Åland waters and illustrated a swimming snake on the miniature sheet.

Two Christmas stamps complete the stamp year. On the theme “knitted”, illustrator Anna Pers Bräcke presents winter-warm homemade Christmas presents. Anna has also illustrated this year’s self-adhesive Christmas seals that may be used for decoration of letters, cards, and parcels.

You will find the presentation of the 2024 stamp program on our homepage.

The stamps are available to order in the webshop approximately one month prior to the respective date of issue: www.alandstamps.com/en.

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