Stamp celebrates 170 years of maritime education on Åland

170 år av sjöfartsutbildning på Åland firas med frimärke

On 1 March, Åland Post highlights maritime education on Åland, which celebrates both a 170th and a 150th anniversary in 2024. “Seafarers have been trained on Åland since a long time ago, the sea is our path. With this stamp illustrated by Rebecca Elfast we wish to pay tribute to this maritime expertise,” says Johanna Finne, Marketing Design Manager at Åland Post Stamps.

Maritime education in Åland dates back to the 19th century. In 2024, it will be 170 years since the first navigational training started in Godby. After a long and persistent struggle, Åland public educator and vicar of Finström Frans Petter von Knorring, was able to introduce navigational education into the elementary school curriculum in 1854. It took until 1874 before the first proper nautical school that trained merchant skippers, helmsmen, and sea captains opened in Mariehamn, and which will therefore celebrate its 150th anniversary in 2024.

Swedish illustrator Rebecca Elfast describes the stamp issue:

“The stamp depicts an anchor wrapped in a rope that curls into the shape of a heart - it encapsulates the pride of and love for maritime education and the sea. Reappearing as a supporting structure on the first day cover, the rope undulates like waves among navigational instruments and maritime elements. The rope is a nice symbol of education; knowledge is built strand by strand to become a robust and strong rope, and all the parts are woven together to form a whole. In the middle of the sheet, you can see islands, routes, and elements from nautical charts, inspired by older drawings showing a simplified coastal outline with important land features highlighted. “


Name Maritime education
Date of issue 1 March 2024
Artist Rebecca Elfast
Design Johanna Finne
Edition 40 000
Denomination Inrikes (€2.70)
Price FDC €3.70
Stamp size 30 x 40 mm
Sheet size 2 × 12 stamps
Paper 110 g/m2
Perforation 13 per 2 cm
Process 4-colour offset + foiling
Printer Cartor Security Printers


Order the stamp and first day cover at, by post to Åland Post Stamps, P.O. box 1100, AX-22111 Mariehamn, Åland, Finland, e-mail or telephone: +358 18636639.

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